The two NSU TT racing cars below are up for Sale.


The black one is made in 1967

The car is road legal and the engine is brand new Spiess 1286 ccm. with two 40mm. Webers carburetors.Spiess group.2 gearboks, it has limitet slip differantial, new stronger driveshafts and produces 132hk (132 Horsepowers). The car has new Spax adjustable shocks, new brake calipers and so on.

The car is in mint condition and registration: H-1294. It has raced in
Historic racing under 1300 ccm. From year 1965 - 1971.standard.

 The red car is Norways most famus NSU racing car. 1968 TT. Former Kaspersen Racing, many races won in europe with this car. It has a super fast 1294ccm engine with Kugelfisher injection.It has a close ratio Spiess gearboks with high first gear, limited slip diff, stronger driveshaft, the engine has Arrow precision con rods, titanium valves, big oil mpump,and rews easy 10.000. Both cars have new Spax adjustable Crypton dampers, and there is absolute now rust or damage on them. Both cars have Spiess double ignition (8 plugs). Both cars have polycarbonate rear and side windows, new brake calipers, discs and so on. They must be tried on the road.

The price for the cars : the black one H-1294  29.000 euro
                                     the red one                  28.000 euro

I am selling the cars because I have to many old racingcars to keep up in an good shape and I must finish my Alfa Romeo GTAM 1971 Bertone this spring.

Norwegian Seller (NO)..:

Best regards: Tormod Langli
Address: Bjorntvedtvegen 155

3740 Skien,Norway.

Telephone. +47 90101379.


See pictures below.